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Getting your taxes done is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Contact us via email or phone (503-239-0659) to make an appointment.

2. Use the list below to help you gather the documents needed.

3. Organize your information by printing and filling out the relevant Helpful Worksheets.

4. Show up for your appointment at our 3828 SE Division location.



What You Need to Bring

Things that show income:

W2's:  Wage statements from your employer
1099-G or W2-Gs:  Unemployment, state refund and gambling winnings
1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B:  Interest, dividends, and investment info
1099-Misc:  Private contractor or self employment income
1099-R:  Pension or retirement income, also some insurance disbursements
1099-SSA:  Social Security or Railroad Retirement statements
K-1:  Partnership, S-corp, trust inheritance
Alimony paid or received and spouse’s SSN
Rental property income and expenses
Self Employment income and expenses, include Profit & Loss statement if you have one.

Things you may be able to deduct or get credit for:
1098:  Mortgage interest statement
Child care: amount paid, provider names, Social Security numbers, and address
Medical and Dental expenses  
Taxes paid:  Property, income, quarterly estimates, Trimet, business
Work-related expenses: union dues, auto, travel
1098-E:  Student loan interest paid 
1099-T: Educational expenses paid

Charitable contribution receipts:  Fill out Goodwill cards with estimated worth of donation 
OR Energy Credit postcard:  Apply for this before getting your taxes done.

If this is your first year with us, please also bring:

Social Security cards
 of you and your dependents
Last year’s tax return